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Andrew Sayers andrew-ubuntu-doc at
Wed Sep 24 18:34:15 UTC 2008

Matthew East wrote:
>> * Should we be thinking about how to backport these changes into older
>> themes?
> No: I think we both agreed on irc that the macro should work
> independently from the theme.

I think we're talking at cross-purposes here.  When I say independently
from the theme, I mean that someone wanting to write an OMGPONIES theme
should be able to create bright pink alerts, preferably with bright pink
icons.  This means that, unless we tell the older themes to use yellow
hints and red warnings, they'll render them as ordinary tables, which
would look silly IMHO.

>> * Should I be putting a license on this stuff?  TBH, the work involved
>> is little enough that I'm happy leaving it PD, but Ubuntu presumably has
>> rules about this sort of thing.
> Well, there are no rules, but we'd probably prefer it to be copyleft
> material, because that gives you better attribution and ensures the
> code will be free. Up to you in the end!

Fair enough, I might put a GPL2+ label on there later.

Matthew East also wrote:
> We wouldn't be ignoring it, it just wouldn't have transparent icons in
> the Alert... The page should still be readable, right?

Sure, for low values of readable.  I've attached an example icon using
the proto-alert I used in,
although the effect will be the same.

> Note that the new theme we've been working on isn't 100% compatible
> with IE6 either, as it doesn't support position: fixed (which is
> responsible for the editbar following you around).

I've been using the following hack to get position: fixed in IE6:

A Google search for "position: fixed ie6" shows that there may be better
solutions now though.

I hate IE6 as much as anyone, but to be blunt, if we don't optimise the
 site for a browser with a 5% share, how are we any better than the
people who wouldn't optimise for Firefox when it was in that position?

	- Andrew
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