[Implemented] Wiki banners

Marc Kaplan ubuntu-doc at technomensch.net
Fri Sep 12 02:07:57 UTC 2008

I agree completely that the categories that are docs related need to be 
replaced by tags.  Then we can either have one page that lists all the 
pages with all the tags, or break them up.  But there is no need for 
them to be categories.

As for less categories, I realized shortly after your response that 
those Sub-Categories should have been made up as "Stubs" instead.  That 
makes much more sense (bad grammar, I know, but I'm tired).  I've made 
those changes accordingly.

This weekend, I'll start on cleaning up the articles that have WikiDoc 
Team Categories and swapping them out with the correct tags.  That 
should help give us at least a little better picture of where we stand.

I would like to open the category organizational structure for debate, 
discussion, etc...

For those of you who missed the link, this is the page that we are 
talking about:


Please feel free to go dig on in to give your 2 cents.  The only thing 
that we ask is that if you do make any changes, please also share them 
with the mailing list for an open and lively discussion.

Marc K.

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