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Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 9 10:28:27 UTC 2008

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 12:28 AM, Connor Imes <rocket2dmn at aol.com> wrote:
> Phil Bull wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> We reached a consensus last week [1] that the basic Include()-based wiki
>> banners should be used to mark pages on the wiki. I've now implemented
>> these banners [2] and they are ready to use (as far as I'm concerned, at
>> least). Feedback is welcome.
>> I thought it would be best to rename them "Tags", since it's less prone
>> to being misspelled and describes their function better.
> If we're going to do this, can we do it ASAP before it starts getting
> implemented.  I am going to wrap up the "Summer of Documentation" with
> the Beginners Team Wiki Focus Group in 2 weeks, so before then, part of
> my plan is to have members help get started with spreading the Tags
> throughout the community docs.

+1 from me on renaming the "Tag" page and its subpages to "Tags".

> Also, what are we going to do with the CategoryWhatever stuff.  Are we
> going to keep these of phase them out?

This is an important question. I think that what we should do is to
use the Tags to replace the current functionality of "CategoryCleanup"
and friends. There's no point having two different mechanisms for
tagging a page, it will just get messy. The slight disadvantage of the
Tags system over the Category system is that you don't get a drop down
menu with the various Tags on the page editor screen, whereas you do
with Categories. I'm sure we can fix that with a bit of Moin hackery.

One thing that the Category system could be useful for is to tag
*subject matter* of pages (e.g. CategoryNetworking,
CategoryMultimedia, etc). What do people think about using Categories
for that type of system?

> Finally, if a wiki admin could please take time to go through
> CategoryDeletion, there are a bunch of pages that can be wiped.  It
> would be much appreciated.

I'll have a go at this over the next few days - thanks for prodding.

Matthew East
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