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> Dears,
> My name is Nohad Sleiman and im 33 years old Lebanese.
> I've been enjoying Ubuntu since almost 3 years and I think it is time now
> to contribute positively to the community.
> I use both Ubuntu and Kubuntu (now im on Kubuntu).
> As for the documentation i would like to work on, i really don't know
> exactly. I hold a BS in Computer Science and doing now my MBA (Finance) if
> this info can be a help.
> Cheers,
> --
> Best Regards,
> _____________________
> Nohad Sleiman
> Tel 00961-3-776231
> Fax 00961-3-792010
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Great to have you aboard.  The Kubuntu Documentation is always in need of
updating/review.  You can take a look at the current documents through the
bzr repository.  If you see places that need change you can eitehr change
the docbook yourself and submit a patch.  Or you can just email the list the
areas and corrections that need to be changed.  or you can file bugs in
launchpad against the Ubuntu Docs package and make sure you flag as someting
in Kubuntu.
Lots of ways to get involved and help.

Great to have you aboard,

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