WikiGuide/PageDiscussion/Draft comments/suggestions

Allan Day allanpday at
Sun Sep 7 10:09:36 UTC 2008

Hi Marc,

Thanks for contributing to the WikiGuide draft [1]. It's good to have 
someone to collaborate with.

I really like the restructuring work you've done to the page - it's an 
improvement. The one change of yours that I'm less sure about is the 
renaming of the links in the Basics section. This:

If you haven't contributed to the wiki before, these are the best pages to start with.

 * [[/PageCreation]] - Guidance on creating pages on this wiki.
 * [[/WritingGuide]] - Writing style and conventions that are encouraged on the wiki.
 * [[DocumentationTemplate]] - Recommended page structure.

Has become this:

 * [[/PageCreation | How to Create a Page in this Wiki]]
 * [[/WritingGuide | Guide to the writing style and conventions Wiki contributors are encouraged to follow]]
 * [[DocumentationTemplate | Default Article Templates that the Documentation/Wiki Teams have developed to provide a structural foundation]]

Personally, I find the format of '<short link title> - <explanation>' to 
be much easier to understand than longer, explanatory titles. The former 
approach also has the advantage of being more succinct.

What do you think?



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