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Mon Oct 27 20:12:41 UTC 2008


Dougie Richardson wrote:
> Hi,
> A Q&A format, like you suggest, could be used to generate the text for a Wiki 
> page which could then be edited.

This is a great idea for any initial entry, but I think that subsequent
edits would leave users back muddling through the wiki code to sort it out.

Or perhaps you mean that the wiki page will be generated on the fly each
time it is called? That might work if moinmoin is up to it.

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> msipellings.

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for sure.

I block at 5.0 which is the Spamassassin default and your emails hit
4.9. So, they get through to me, but Thunderbird plunks them in my spam

Just though I would let you know because I consider my SA setup to be
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they may be getting trashed by other recipients.


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> Subject: Re:Re: Ubuntu Hardware Documentation
> Hey there,
> shirish wrote:
>  > It would be great, in fact really great if it works out with the
>  > hwdb becoming browseable which is not as of today
>  >
>  > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hwtest/+bug/30910 unlike
>  > smolts.org from fedora which gives you some idea atleast.
>  >
>  > http://smolts.org/
>  >
>  > Comments, suggestions welcome :)
> I'm thinking a wiki is not the best of places to have a hardware
> database. It can be pretty daunting to have to edit a wiki table with
> technical information when you've never done that before. As a
> result, it's possible that there's quite a bit of hardware missing
> from people who just didn't want to bother.
> An idea solution would be to create a MySQL database with a PHP
> front-end. That way users wouldn't have to know how to format the
> information - they could just answer questions by filling in boxes
> and making selections from drop-down menus. (:
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