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Matthew East mdke at
Sat Oct 25 20:10:42 UTC 2008


On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 8:58 PM, Marc K. <mk at> wrote:
> You will now see a Menu Bar for the following pages on the
> as they relate to the WikiGuide:


> /DocumentationTemplate

I don't think the menu belongs on this page: it is supposed to be a
template for any new page that gets created, and this menu isn't
something that should be included on new pages. So I've removed it
from there.

The other comment I'd make is that it is probably better to have
everything on a single line and try to make it look like the WikiGuide
page is the top level page and the other pages are subsidiary.

Anyway, thanks for working on this! It's a definite improvement.

Matthew East
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