networkmanager documentation outdated

Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at
Tue Oct 21 19:06:06 UTC 2008


> Also is pretty basic, without
> screenies or anything, how is a user supposed to know what to do.

H.u.c. is from the system docs. NM is integrated into 8.10 internet
documentation now. Screen shots are not used because:
a. Things change too quickly with networking tools.
b. They cannot be translated easily.

> I dunno much but this seems to be in a bad shape, can something be
> done about it.

I've asked for tech review and no one took it up. There is a limit to how
much time I can spend on it, especially given that I only have a couple of
configurations to test with. I have to say that posting to the documentation
team list and implying that a recently updated document branch is in bad
shape is rather poor form, h.u.c. for 8.04 is _not_ the current focus. I'm
confident that no-one would post to kernel-dev and say that the scheduling
mechanism is in "bad shape" and not expect to offend.

Dougie Richardson

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