GUI for documentation, good or bad?

Jon me at
Mon Oct 20 12:40:50 UTC 2008


shirish wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I'm not really into HTML or BB Code what I simply wanna say, there
> should be a GUIed version of doing things. Doing stuff like
> {{{
> some code
> }}}
> is not how many people would like to put up their documentation. It
> would be much more simpler if there were a button, I highlight the
> code and click it.
> Just looking for GUIfication of the existing way to add stuff to the wiki.
> Comments, suggestions all encouraged.

I'm not against the idea, but I am wary of how these WYSIWYG editors
tend to work. Whenever I use one in Wordpress or within Dokuwiki, for
example, I frequently end up having to go into source mode anyhow to fix
formatting issues. These editors just don't seem all that smart and the
way they clean up the code before publishing frequently breaks the
formatting they are intended to assist with in the first place.

However, if I as a user can turn it on or off as I please, then I think
it would be a good addition. If it turns out that the wiki pages fall
into disarray because the editor is not cleaning code correctly, then I
guess we'll have to revisit it.


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