more testing of the new wiki theme

Connor Imes rocket2dmn at
Sat Oct 18 21:37:30 UTC 2008

>>> Additionally, there is a search bar which searches all of
>>> and rather than just the wiki:
>>> that is Dustin Kirkland's work. I know that the css is broken just
>>> now (it will be fixed) but please let us have your feedback on the
>>> actual search results too.
>> I hope that broken means it only shows 10 results. If not, then I'm reporting that it only shows 10 results. (:
> Well, it shows 10 results *per page*, rather than 10 in total, no?
> That's the same number that regular google shows per page, and I think
> it's a sensible number. What are the reasons that you would like more
> than 10?
> I would have thought that if we can't show the right results in the
> top 10 for a particular search, then the search itself isn't working
> properly (and we're still working on the actual search mechanism...
I would also like to see more than 10 results per page, or at least the 
option to show more (or show all).  This would be especially useful for 
when we view a listing of pages with a specific Tag, I do find it 
painful to have to go through a bunch of pages to see what is Tagged.


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