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Marc Kaplan mk at technomensch.net
Wed Oct 15 11:36:37 UTC 2008


>> it would be good to understand a bit more *why* you made the changes.

I made the changes because, as a beginning WikiTeam member, who was just starting out on the team within the last few months, I found myself constantly clicking around between the different help documents and links, trying to figure out which markup to use for certain things.  Even with the full "HelpOn" index, I didn't think it produced an accurate, overall picture of where "X, Y, and Z" was discussed.  I found myself clicking sometimes 2 or 3 more links deep just to figure out "how to do 'something'".

Users do not have to read through all the documentation, and I would not object in the least if the page was modified or reorganized to say so.  However, I know that if such a "centralized" link location had existed previously, I know that I would have saved myself a lot less time and stress getting started while trying finding the right code.  I wanted to save future users the same headaches I felt and was attempting to "enhance" the previous version.  I also made sure to review the past few months of the Page History prior to making the changes to see how they compared.  I believe that it now helps newcomers find how to markup certain things,  more quickly and easily.

I completely disagree about creating an 'Advanced' "Page" as that is just another link to be clicked, and is counter-intuitive to the concept I was attempting to avoid from the "HelpOn" index.  Perhaps an Advanced "Section" under the "Wiki Markup" section, though?

>>On a specific change: you've removed completely a link to PageCreation: I don't think that's a good idea because that page contains plenty of information which we added specifically and which I
>>don't think is included in the Moin documentation.

That was a complete mistake on my part, and on that, I apologize.  I incorrectly visited the link by copying and pasting instead of clicking on it, and had seen that no page existed.  If I had seen it existed, and seen, what I now completely agree is important content, I would have kept it.  I have since put it back and changed the following text:


      <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide/PageCreation> -
      Guidance on creating pages


      Creating Pages
      <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HelpOnPageCreation> - "How To
      Create a Page"

Sorry about that.

Mac Kaplan

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