Not sure which tag(s) to use...

Little Girl littlergirl at
Tue Oct 14 00:24:45 UTC 2008

Hey there,

Matthew East wrote:
> Little Girl wrote:

> >> > [1]
> >> > [2]

> >> I'd say tag them both for deletion, since there is no content.

> > Done!
> I've deleted the latter, but the former has a lot of pages linking
> to it. Even if that isn't intentional, I think we should probably
> fix or remove those links before deleting the page.

You're right - that looks like it might be an impossible task, since
even if all the links got fixed, it could be referenced again in the
future. As a possible solution, I created a Glossary definition for
HowTo[1], removed the deletion tag from the HowTo page[2], and put a
link to the Glossary definition instead. I hope that's okay. (:


Little Girl

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