[Discussion] Software vs. Applications

Connor Imes rocket2dmn at aol.com
Sun Oct 12 19:01:23 UTC 2008

Little Girl wrote:
> Neither is better. Application is just a technical way of saying
> software. Since Ubuntu is for the whole world to use, you must always
> keep in mind what the whole world will be looking for. And since the
> whole world hasn't made up its mind which of the two terms it
> prefers, you need both, or some people won't be able to find what
> they're looking for.
No, an application is generally a program which a user interacts with 
directly (nowdays, generally through a GUI).  Software covers 
essentially every piece of code in the system, including 
daemons/services, libraries, desktop and window managers, and 
applications that run in an environment.  The terms Software and 
Applications are often mixed up, but Apps are a more narrow focus - in 
this case, I think Applications was meant to be for apps found under the 
Applications menu in Gnome.
> The best solution would be (if this is even possible) to have
> duplicate pages - one with Applications in the title and one with
> Software in the title. At the top of each page, make a note with a
> link to the other page. Make one immutable and the other editable.
> Make the immutable page refresh so that it reflects any changes
> made to the editable one. At least that's how I'd do it if it were
> possible. (:
I disagree, we don't need duplicate pages on the wiki.  If two pages 
already exist, take the best one (or merge the content smoothly) and 
redirect the other page.  We don't need to go adding functionality to 
the system by having to create immutable pages that copy existing ones - 
that is why we have redirects.

I think ultimately we should get rid of the Application references on 
the wiki.


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