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Marc Kaplan ubuntu-doc at technomensch.net
Sun Oct 12 15:48:52 UTC 2008

I have created a discussion page for suggestions and input, summarizing 
this email at: 

Regarding the "Categories", and where things should go, I think we want 
to both whittle them down, and be more organized.

For example, I saw articles related to the Programming Language "Python" 
set for CategoryProgramming, CategoryDocumentation, CategoryPython

Here is what I did:
I created a main article called "Python", which served as the parent to 
the related articles.  I then put all the related articles under 
"CategoryProgrammingPython" and used the internal Wiki Search Code to 
find those articles and list them on the main Python page.

My thought for the categories/naming scheme should be: 
{CategoryCode}{MainCategory}{Sub-Category or Stubs}

For Example, here is a list of currently known Categories within the 
Community Help Wiki:

   1. CategoryAudio
   2. CategoryBackupRecovery
   3. CategoryBluetooth
   4. CategoryBootAndPartition
   5. CategoryCategory
   6. CategoryCategory/PageDiscussion
   7. CategoryCleanup
   8. CategoryCommandLine
   9. CategoryCommercialSoftware
  10. CategoryDevelopment
  11. CategoryDocumentation
  12. CategoryEmail
  13. CategoryEvolution
  14. CategoryFaq
  15. CategoryFreedesktop
  16. CategoryFullCircle
  17. CategoryGames
  18. CategoryGraphicsApplications
  19. CategoryHardware
  20. CategoryHardyHeron
  21. CategoryHomepage
  22. CategoryInstallation
  23. CategoryInternet
  24. CategoryKernel
  25. CategoryLive
  26. CategoryMac
  27. CategoryNetworking
  28. CategoryOffline
  29. CategoryPDA
  30. CategoryPackageManagement
  31. CategoryPageDiscussion
  32. CategoryProgramming
  33. CategoryPython
  34. CategoryPythonRecipes
  35. CategoryRescueAndCloning
  36. CategoryScience
  37. CategorySecurity
  38. CategorySoftware
  39. CategorySoftwareCleanup
  40. CategorySoftwareDefault
  41. CategoryTemplate
  42. CategoryThirdPartySoftware
  43. CategoryUbuntu804
  44. CategoryUbuntu804/PageDiscussion
  45. CategoryUpgrade
  46. CategoryUsb
  47. CategoryVirtualization
  48. CategoryWireless
  49. CategoryXwindowSystem

These are too many "Main" categories.

Here is an example of how I think it should be:

CategoryHardware should include such items as : CategoryPDA , 
CategoryUsb.  CategoryBluetooth, etc...  This would make them 
CategoryHardwarePDA, CategoryHardwareUSB, CategoryHardwareBluetooth, etc....

CategorySoftware would include such items as CategoryVritualization, 
CategoryEmail, etc... This would make it CategorySoftwareVritualization 
and CategorySoftwareEmail.

CategoryEvolution should be removed and the articles should fall under 

I see no reason to distinguish, via category, whether something is 
"Commerical" or "Third-party".  This can be done by link the appropriate 
article to the appropriate "Parent" if needed.

Now, here's a tricky one: PackageManagement.  I see no reason it could 
not be under 2 categories, such as: CategorySoftware and 
CategoryMaintenance (something similar).

CategoryBootAndPartition, that could go under CategoryMaintenance as well.

Another example of separation might be, instead of having 
CategoryXWindowSystem, we might want CategoryDesktopManagers, 
CategoryFileManagers, CategoryWindowsManagers, etc.... These would 
include items like GNOME, K, xfce,Thundar, Nautalius, accordingly.....  
This would be a great way to categorize/organize, and help newbies on 
the differences of each and how they can work on customizing Ubuntu to 
be their own.

Anyway, that is my thought process.  I recommend that the Documentation 
Team create a list of "official" categories and that the only way this 
list can be added to is with the approval of the team and that we 
specifically state this is a page that lists the categories..  However, 
users can add subcategories as needed.

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