Searching does not work anymore..

Marko Oreskovic markoresko at
Sat Nov 22 14:36:19 UTC 2008

Matthew East wrote:
>>> If you login to the site you will get the normal moin moin wiki search
>>> field instead.
>> Ok, it doesn`t work.
> What Alan meant was that by logging in to the wiki, you can choose the
> old theme, which uses the old search box.

So User needs to: 1. Register account on Launchpad to get OpenID
2. Log on to wiki by clicking Edit 3.Find option to change default theme
4. Change theme

That is not much reasonable for any ordinary user searching for help
to do that.

But thank you for that information.
I can`t find option to change to "old theme" myself..

>> Also ,as I see, it Forces me to use OpenID, not asking me if I want to
>> use OpenID or I don`t.
> Well... it's kind of normal for a website which needs authentication
> to specify the method of authentication. It's the case with all Ubuntu
> websites that require some kind of user interaction (forums, wikis,
> mailing lists). I don't think you can have any valid complaints about
> this.
User/password can be enough.
I am not shure.. Will other Web sites could identify me
if I am logged-in on Ubuntu / using that OpenID thing?

>> So it stays: Search does not work, unless scripts are
>> available. And that will be never.
> You haven't provided any genuine reasons why using a Google search is
> a bad thing. You've just bandied around some vague words like
> "privacy" and "ugly" without any explanation or reasoning, with a bit
> of unparticularised and unjustified anti-google rhetoric thrown in for
> luck.

I don`t want to repeat myself.
Take a look at the my response to Dustin Kirkland.

Using Google for narrowing search results on server side
have nothing to do with the way results are displayed to users
and what java script sites users must enable to see results.

Also enabling java script from google could lead
to google to know where you have been on every site
you are visiting that uses google services for statistics.
And therefore, if you don`t want to be tracked over internet, you
shouldn`t enable google java script in your browser. Use Nostcipt for that.

Also, I want you not to use insulting words and tone: "bandied around",
"vague words", "unparticularised" (what`s that?)

And yes, Search displaying page with google formating
under badly formatted picture of Ubuntu IS Ugly.

> For us, the new search function provides a substantial new feature for
> the help website, which is the ability to index both our static help
> pages at and the wiki pages at
> together. Up until now, we haven't had a
> search function *at all* for the static help pages.

My reasoning is that my privacy on internet (by turning on google
scripts) in much more valueble then some local serach.
You could always use
" search something " on Google
And that is what you are getting now. Nothing new.
But we lost our own search capability.

I things ar euchanged, I will be happy to use google directly,
and not anymore.
And as I mentioned, if we come to that, I will suggest that
people go to google instead of going to

Going directly to Google does not force me to use google`s javascript..

> You're free to suggest improvements for the help website, and we'll
> always listen to them, and where resources permit us to fix problems,
> we'll do it. If you'd like to contribute constructively to the
> documentation project, whether in relation to the search function or
> anything else, you're also going to be very welcome. If so, please
> visit for information and
> post here if you have any questions about contributing.

Ok, I will. I have some things/project to add myself.

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