Sound related wiki pages outdated

Francis Earl francis.earl at
Tue Nov 18 16:53:50 UTC 2008

I am writing this to try to get some help or ideas for how the sound
related wiki pages currently are layed out.

This page currently has no desktop specific info at all, and some things
like switching to OSS instead should not be here, but rather on the
pages of the specific requirements that might need it (if I'm not
mistaken, one of the Creative cards requires it for their driver, but
other than that, there aren't any other use cases for it? Perhaps I am
misinformed and there are some high end sound related issues that it is
used for? I'm not sure.)

My main problem here though is how prominent the Troubleshooting section
is. It should be made more obvious as that is the primary reason for
someone coming to this page in my opinion.

This page should have a lot more desktop specific information. I don't
think that upgrading ALSA itself is particularly related to
troubleshooting either... it makes things seem entirely too complicated
(maybe redirect to another page if that troubleshooting step returns bad
results for instance, rather than giving them everything off the bat?),
I know what I'm doing (10 years with Linux) and this page seems overly
complicated even to me.

I would like to discuss how to better lay these pages out though, and
for some further advice on how to make it more desktop specific.

I think that should at least cover
the Gnome section, although some of it also is rather outdated. Users
should never really be messing with such low level stuff as ALSA though,
and the shortcomings due to dmix not being set up anymore (and dmix
itself for many users) ensure that they really should be using something
like PulseAudio or ESD (with pulseaudio's esd compat like how SUSE
handles this) to avoid many sound issues.

Please respond with what you make of this, thank you. I am somewhat
tired at the moment, so if anything doesn't really make sense, I'd be
more than willing to clarify also.

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