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Bryce Harrington bryce at
Wed Nov 5 02:31:52 UTC 2008

Matthew East mdke at wrote at Tue Nov 4 08:18:49 GMT 2008:
> I appreciate that there is a confusion about where the help
> documentation is stored, and the distinction between
> and
> I agree that we should do what we can to resolve this confusion.
> However, I'm strongly against your idea of moving help documentation
> back to the url, and moving the team pages to a new
> wiki, for several reasons.
> 3. Essentially the effect of your change would be that people visiting
> expecting to find their team pages would not find
> them, and would find another wiki in its place. That would cause the
> huge community of Ubuntu developers a substantial inconvenience.

I've not been a member of this mailing list, but joined simply to
underscore this point #3 above.

As a developer I go to to access the team pages of my
fellow developers.  For instance, I use the resources on the QA team
page quite frequently.

With the new redesign, this adds numerous extra clicks to my day-to-day
development workflow.  I do not care for this change.

I understand that users get confused, but to make this change for their
benefit, at the cost of slowing down developers seems short sighted.

Furthermore, I have the following additional points of feedback:

 * Roughly 50% of the links on that page lead to places *other* than  This makes the page a very poor start page for the page.

 * This change should have been discussed more widely.  I can find no
   evidence of discussion of this change outside the 5 messages in this
   thread, and the replies on this thread all seem negative to the

 * It is better to make major changes incrementally rather than with
   sudden all-at-once changeovers like this.


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