Introduction for Membership in Documentation Mentoring Programme

Phil Bull philbull at
Sat Mar 29 09:11:12 UTC 2008

Hi Rick,

On Tue, 2008-03-25 at 09:25 -0600, Rick Ross wrote:
> I'm Rick Ross and I'd like to contribute to the Ubuntu Documentation
> effort. I use/support Ubuntu 7.10 on four PCs.
> I received my Bachelor's degree in Technical and Specialized Writing
> from Colorado State in 1993, and I've worked as a writer and editor
> since then.
> As for what area(s) I'd like to work on, I'm not terribly picky,
> though I only read/write English, so translation/localization to
> another language would be a problem. Other than that, whatever needs
> to be done would be fine, for the time-being.
> I look forward to working with you.

Welcome to the team! Would you like to help out with proofreading,
initially? Alternatively, there are some other tasks you might be
interested in on the Doc team wiki page [1].



[1] -

Phil Bull

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