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Phil Bull philbull at
Sat Jun 28 12:42:52 UTC 2008

Hi Marc,

On Tue, 2008-06-24 at 20:45 -0400, Marc Kaplan wrote:
> My name is Marc Kaplan and I am interested in participating in the 
> mentoring program with the Ubuntu Documentation team.
> I am currently dual booting with Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows XP, and am 
> quite familiar with Wiki formatting.
> Within my current job, I have been working on our internal MediaWiki 
> structure, building it from the ground up, organizing it, and helping to 
> maintain a consistent appearance. I can't wait to put these skills to 
> work towards this project.
> I am also interested in learning how to document Release Notes and bug 
> fixes.
> Basically, I would love to be able to offer my assistance in any way 
> that I can.

Welcome! There's quite a lot of work going into the wiki at the moment,
so you might be interested in participating in that. In particular, the
Beginners' Team are making quite a few changes [1].

If you'd like some experience fixing documentation bugs, we have a few
of those that you might like to have a look at too. Just let us know
what you'd prefer to work on and we'll help you to get started.



[1] -

Phil Bull

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