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   My name is Bhaktavatsalam V. Nallanthighal. I am a Web Designer with good
knowledge and 4 years of experience in client and server technologies. I
also program in C, Java, .Net etc to meet the needs of standalone software
as well as embedded software. It was only recently that i got interested.
Before that, i used Windows XP and found all my friends using it. I could
hear "WINDOWS" wherever i went. But, after i joined the Embedded Systems
course, i got interested in Linux and especially Ubuntu. And thereafter, i
could only hear "UBUNTU" wherever i went, with a greater intensity. It was
only then i realized that there a lot many people who use Ubuntu than those
who use Windows. So, immediately i requested for Ubuntu CD's which i
received in the fastest time i ever received anything. Hats off to the
Ubuntu Team whose service and commitment is extraordinary. For the last two
weeks i've been busy translating Mozilla Firefox into my native language,

Bhaktavatsalam V. Nallanthighal
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