Help topics vs. help triggers

Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at
Mon Jun 9 20:36:13 UTC 2008

Charles Davis wrote on 08/06/08 01:37:
> I tend to agree since an incomplete "troubleshooting section" gives a
> bad first impression to new users. I'd much rather see prominet linkage
> to the UCF as a source for help in trouble shooting than see a poorly
> implemented troubleshooting guide.

The Ubuntu Help front page has a "free support" link to
<>, which includes the
Ubuntu Forums.

> The Ubuntu Forums Beginner Team ( from the absolute beginners forum )
> is starting to become more involved in helping to maintain wiki pages
> and a couple of us are hoping to be of help in the system
> documentation, so you will soon start to see much more feedback from
> the forum folks :)


Matthew Paul Thomas

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