Ubuntu applications database

Allan Day allanpday at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 16:42:57 UTC 2008

> I'd see some value in being able to index such a database against
> various keys (program name, description, category, license,
> equivalents, size, etc).
Yes, that was what I was thinking. Other possible keys: Ubuntu wiki 
page(s), home page, Launchpad page, short description, long description, 
repository, menu location, screenshot location.
> And for Microsoft/Mac converts, it would be great to order the list by
> common MS/Mac program names and list Ubuntu equivalents.  I perceive
> this to be one of the bigger stumbling blocks for the newest of Ubuntu
> users.  They are often perfectly capable of using the
> Linux/free/open-source equivalents of their favorite programs, but
> don't know what those are called in the Ubuntu world.
I agree - this could be a key use for such a system. It could support 
questions such as:

 * What programs does Ubuntu have to do X?
 * What programs are available on Ubuntu of type Y?
 * What Ubuntu program will do the same thing as Windows program Z?

BTW - I've just arrived in Istanbul for GUADEC. If anyone fancies 
meeting up to talk about this or other Ubuntu wiki stuff, let me know. :)


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