8.04.1 release, md5 hashes

Connor Imes rocket2dmn at aol.com
Sun Jul 6 04:26:46 UTC 2008

Neal McBurnett wrote:
> Note that the bottom of the page says:
>  To request an update to this list, please open a bug on the
>  ubuntu-website product in Launchpad.
> That has already been done:
>  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/245354
So it does, thanks.  I would never have thought to look way at the 
bottom of that page for such a link.
> As for how time-critical it is, it seems that the MD5SUMS file is
> pretty authoritative and accessible for those actually doing
> downloads, and I'm not sure who uses the wiki page other than as a
> handy archive.  Do you have a particular use-case in mind?
The HowToMD5SUM page is dished out all the time on the forums to users 
who sound like they have bad downloads or disc burns, and it links 
directly to UbuntuHashes.  There is a note at the bottom of the page 
about adding info about MD5SUMS.gpg, but has not been implemented on the 

The official *md5sum page* for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu is 
UbuntuHashes <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes>.

Most people never even get to the releases subdomain page, their 
downloads start automatically from the main download site, so they won't 
even see that file unless they really know to look for it.

> I also updated https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto to
> talk about both the MD5SUMS and MD5SUMS.gpg files.
> Neal McBurnett                 http://mcburnett.org/neal/
That's a good note to make, you may want to expand on it there and/or on 
the HowToMD5SUM page.

Thanks for the feedback.

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