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Phil Bull philbull at
Tue Jan 29 13:17:00 UTC 2008

Hi Matt,

On Tue, 2008-01-29 at 12:48 +0000, Matthew East wrote:
> Thanks you guys for taking this forward. Just a brief comment - I do
> think that at the moment we use an awful lot of different docbook tags
> - in order to keep contribution simple I think we should strive where
> possible to limit the number of tags adopted, even if that isn't the
> "docbook way". If we can evolve a basic set of tags which can broadly
> speaking be adapted for use in all situations, I think that would be
> desirable.

I think that we could reasonably get away with the following minimal set
of tags:

      * para, emphasis, emphasis(strong)
      * ulink, xref
      * itemizedlist, orderedlist, listitem
      * menuchoice, guimenuitem
      * screen, userinput
      * sect, title

It would be nice to have admonitions (tip, caution etc.) too, although
they're not strictly necessary.

One possible issue is in the marking-up of GUI items. Without the
guibutton and guilabel tags, deciding whether to use emphasis or
emphasis(strong) could cause confusion.



Phil Bull

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