Question on removing CategoryCleanup tag.

Miller, Reid A. RAMILLER at
Sun Jan 27 17:35:34 UTC 2008

Ubuntu Doc Team,

First an introduction :) My name is Reid Miller
( I've been an Kubuntu user since Edgy Eft.
Before that I was very involved with the Yoper distribution
( and was a part of their documentation team.

The Ubuntu documentation team is much larger, so pardon my initial
hesitation to "just make the change" myself on the wiki.

I found a few guides in
that I wanted to contribute to:

While cleaning them up I also found:

And I created:

I've spent time updating, cleaning, and I've tied them all together (mainly
at EclipseIDE) and have edited them according to . However, the
WikiCleanup page does not give any recommendations for when a person is
supposed to remove the CategoryCleanup tag. I am wondering if the
Documentation Team could help advise whether the guides I've been working on
are ready to have the CategoryCleanup tag taken off them. If not, what
additional ways do they need to be edited to merit getting off the
CategoryCleanup list?


--Reid Miller

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