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Thu Jan 24 04:53:39 UTC 2008

Hello Gilbert,

> ---
> To list files in your current directory, issue the following command.
> $ ls
> An example of the output:
> file1, file2, folder1
> ---

The commands look great.  There is another minor thing, and I'm pretty sure
it's not documented, is displaying parts of config files.  In other sections
of the Server Guide <programlisting> tags are used.  The rendering is the
same as using <screen> tags, so I'm really not entirely sure it makes a huge
difference.  But after looking up the tags on, it looks like
<programlisting> is more appropriate for config files [1][2].

One of the places I noticed is in the Console Security section part of
/etc/event.d/control-alt-delete file:

<screen><command>#exec /sbin/shutdown -r now "Control-Alt-Delete

Should probably be:

#exec /sbin/shutdown -r now "Control-Alt-Delete pressed"

> With regard to bolding input, I like the idea...  however, there may be a
> scenario when it would be beneficial to display a large section of output
> and highlight specific points.  The best way to do that would be to also
> use bold so that a few words of the output sticks out visually.  So now
> you
> have both output and input in bold.  :-P
> Your thoughts?
I agree with only using bold to highlight specific parts of input or output.

Since the only small nitpick for me is the <programlisting> thing I went
ahead and committed the changes so far to revision #3655.  I figure it's
better to get the content in there before the "new content" freeze in

Thanks for you efforts Gilbert.


Party On,
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