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Adam Sommer asommer70 at
Wed Jan 23 04:31:13 UTC 2008


> As suggested in the previous thread [1], I've made the recommended
> adjustments to the commit, along with working out some other minor grammar
> issues.  There were some great tips in there that helped clarify a few
> points on syntax.
> Attached is a diff for review.  Thanks again.<>
Thanks for the updated patch Gilbert things look even better now :-).  I
apologize for not catching those items before committing them, I'm pretty
excited that others are taking an interest in the Server Guide.

One more small thing I noticed that I didn't with the first patches is that
when you document a command you start it with "$".  I know this represents a
shell prompt, but that style isn't used anywhere else in the guide except to
display some command output.  For example, in the Dovecot Server section
it's used to show the output of the "telnet localhost pop3" command.

That's a very small issue, and I was just wondering what you and others may
think.  Either way I really appreciate the work you've done on the Security

Party On,
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