ubuntu-doc Digest, Vol 40, Issue 21

Justin Noyes justinnoyes at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 17:06:29 UTC 2008

      Hullo! I just started using Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon about a week ago and
am hooked on it! I am excited to become a productive member of the Linux
community. I have some experience in writing and am wondering how I can put
my feeble writing skills to work for Ubuntu. I also want to get into
programming eventually for Linux, but realize I need to start out with the
basics first.
    As for my computer experience, I started out using MSDOS in the mid
80's, took classes on basic (GWBASIC! I feel old now! :) and PASCAL. I have
had the misfortune of being limited to windows (XP mostly) because that is
all that was available at the university where I just got my degree from. I
am also familiar with ARCGIS 9.2 and would eventually like to write a
program for GPS that Linux folks can use.

Thanks for letting me ramble on,


P.S I bought the book* Introducing Ubuntu: Desktop Linux* by Brian Profitt
and have found it to be extremely useful as I navigate the wonderful world
of Linux for the first time.
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