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Mads Peter Rommedahl lhademmor at
Tue Feb 12 10:42:45 UTC 2008

I just tried that, and I didn't find any results. Although I may have done
it wrong, so maybe someone would want to doublecheck before deleting...

2008/2/12, Brian Burger <blurdesign at>:
> On 2/12/08, Mads Peter Rommedahl <lhademmor at> wrote:
> > Awaiting your comments :)
> Edit all these pages with a large "Obselete, please ignore" notice at
> the top now, ideally with a link to current info and a short
> explanation of WHY it's obselete.
> All of these look like they could be culled and not missed, with one
> caveat: Run a search first for anything that links to that page
> (inside, anyway) and fix any pages that DO
> link to these pages so you don't leave broken links behind.
> Because MoinMoin lacks MediaWiki's really nice "What Links Here"
> function, we have to fake it with a full-text search - plug each pages
> name into the search box at the top right of the page and hit the
> "Text" button for a full-text search. That'll get a good list of what
> does link there. Edit those pages so they no longer link to the page
> you're planning on culling.
> Thanks for helping keep the wiki up to date; keep us posted on your
> efforts!
> I'm not sure how many people have deletion privs on the community docs
> wiki these days; at one point it was only a few of us. Hopefully
> that's changed...
> Brian
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