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Craig A. Eddy tyche at
Sat Dec 20 00:14:30 UTC 2008

I have just been through a long fight (not physical or argumentative),
trying to find some formatting for a table.  Now that I've got some
answers, I feel the information should be saved someplace in order to be
useful to others.  My initial concern was to create a border-less table:

## For the basic table size, and no border:
||||||<tablestyle="width: 90%"style="border: none"> ||

## For heading cells with larger, bold text, centered:
||<style="font-weight: bold;text-align: center;border:none"> ~+Christmas
Week+~  ||

## For heading cells with normal, bold text:
||<style="font-weight: bold;border:none"> Tuesday, December 23, 2008 ||

## For a blank line, for separation:
||<style="border:none"> ||

## For a standard text cell:
||<style="border:none"> [text] ||  ## where [text] represents whatever
you want to put in the cell

## For a "fake" list, standard text cell:
||<style="border: none"> {*} [an entry] <<BR>> {*} [an entry] <<BR>> {*}
[an entry] <<BR>> {*} [an entry]  ||
## NOTE:  the {*} entry creates the Ubuntu logo icon.  Standard list
points don't work inside a cell.

I hope this shows some of the ways that table formatting can be combined
to create an effective look

Craig A. Eddy

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