Mentoring Program

Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at
Sat Aug 16 19:51:48 UTC 2008


> I would prefer one contact person for each focus team, and that person
> can delegate from there (like to a "mentor" within their ow group).
> > Having a good, regularly-updated task list for each focus area would
> be
> > particularly beneficial as students would be able to work towards a
> > specific and useful goal, learning what they need to on the way.
> They'd
> > have much more choice of tasks too.
> >
> This is definitely helpful, but rather difficult to pull off in the
> long
> run.  It's definitely a good place to start though.

We had this a while back as we moved to topic based help and it was not only
quite straight forward but had quite a competitive edge. I know Milo and I
were determined to complete more areas than the other.

> This definitely sounds practical.  A bit of organizing will be needed
> to
> begin with, like finding people to lead one or more of the focus teams.
> The UF Beginners Team uses Focus Groups rather successfully, so it is
> definitely feasible to pull this off.  We use Focus Groups on the BT to
> help members get more involved in other areas of Ubuntu as well as to
> help organize our team structure and goals.  [1] Here is our central
> Focus Group page, it's not very descriptive, but it's a place to start.

I'm not against this, I just want to see a standard approach prior to
filtering into specific areas. While I can't comment on the BT system there
are elements that would be nice to incorporate, such as QA.



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