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Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at myrealbox.com
Wed Aug 13 20:53:21 UTC 2008

On Aug 12, 2008, at 12:35 PM, Marc Kaplan wrote:
> ...
> Something that I've noticed is that a lot of people want to help, but
> are not sure how.  I think this was attempted to be fixed with the
> Mentor/Mentee program, but has since fallen slightly off track.  I only
> think this because I signed up as a Mentee myself, but have kind of
> going off in my own direction.

I see many people who ask to be mentored, and Phil Bull and others do a 
good job of replying, but it seems like few of the volunteers then 
follow up. Has anyone measured this?

Maybe one thing that could lessen the fall-off rate is writing up 
detailed instructions on contributing in a particular way, and 
including it as a template in the reply.

I also notice some people posting about helping out with translations, 
or wanting to help out but not being particularly fluent in English. 
Possibly they could be pointed directly to the relevant translation 

> ...
> Docs Team vs. Wiki Team
> ------------------------------
> Do we want to consider starting to make a distinction between them?  I
> would guess this has probably come up before, but if it hasn't, now
> might be a good juncture to consider having a dedicated Wiki Team that
> is solely responsible for developing a cohesive structure that is
> well-thought-out, and then oversee/guide the reorganization and 
> clean-up.

I'm too busy now working on Ubuntu interface design to be more than an 
interested observer in the Doc Team, so take this with a grain of salt 
if you like. :-) But I think it would make more sense if 
help.ubuntu.com was a seamless superset of the help installed with 
Ubuntu. help.ubuntu.com would cover a few topics that wouldn't be 
appropriate on the CD (such as installation). And it could go into much 
more detail on other topics, for example including screencasts that 
wouldn't fit on the CD. But overall it would follow the same structure 
as the locally installed help pages. The locally installed help would 
cover the most frequent problems people have, with a slight bias 
towards problems involving connecting to the Internet (because online 
help probably can't help you with that).

Matthew Paul Thomas

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