reworking our themes

Matthew East mdke at
Fri Aug 8 07:05:40 UTC 2008


I'm hoping that by the release of intrepid we can manage to update our
theme a bit for, including the wiki.

I've made a start on the theming for the "official" documents by
tweaking the xsl and css in our repository, and have come up with this

Any comments? It uses the theme from - I
don't know whether those colours are intended to be hardy specific, or
whether they will change for the release of intrepid, so I'm copying
in Matthew Nuzum as well for his comments. The alternative is to use a
theme closer to that on, although personally I
have to say that I prefer the theme.

The "todo" items are to add the word "documentation" to the header
logo, and to figure out how to arrange the tabs currently in use on (or maybe abandon them for a different method/style of
site navigation.

If people think it's worthwhile updating the themes for, we can also make a start on upgrading the theme for
the wiki to something similar.

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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