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Mon Aug 4 19:31:45 UTC 2008


I just joined the Ubuntu Docs mailing list, so I'd like to introduce myself.
I make my living as the IT department (yes, I'm the whole department) for a
small business in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. I tend to quickly pick up on
how a program is supposed to work, and - due to working with 100%
non-techies - I'm pretty good at translating from computer-speak into

I have been using Ubuntu on the desktop at home since Warty Warthog and at
work on the desktop and server since Dapper Drake. I am brousch on Freenode,
and mostly hang out there from 8AM to 5PM EST during the work week.

I've been poking my head into the various teams and projects surrounding
Ubuntu because I'd like to make a contribution to this beloved distro. My
coding skills are pretty weak, so writing programs and patches are not what
I should be doing. Bugs get my blood a boilin', but despite the Michigan
LoCo's emphasis on extermination, triaging doesn't really appeal to me. I
was a pretty good writer back in college, and even wrote several tech
articles for one of the campus papers, so maybe the Doc Team is place for

Hey, look, I already found a broken link on ! The
link in "Documentation Team Styleguide" points to a non-existent page. I'm
guessing it should point to .

I see you have a mentoring program, which sounds very nice. Let me know
where to begin and I'll see what I can do.

 - Ben Rousch
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