Setting up bzr branches for the project

Matthew East mdke at
Fri Oct 26 09:07:01 UTC 2007


> Dean Sas wrote:
> > Will the doc-commits mailing list continue to work?
> I see now that launchpad obsoletes it via the 'subscribe to branch'
> functionality.

Well, I think it's useful to preserve this functionality so that we
don't have to individually subscribe to all the branches, and so that
we don't have to force everyone to get the notifications (e.g. by
subscribing whole teams).

I *hope* that the -commits mailing list will now be working for all
the branches, I've configured it as the contact email address for
ubuntu-core-doc and whitelisted the noreply at email
address for posting to that list... hopefully that is now working,
although I can't test it at the moment.

Matthew East
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