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Fri Oct 26 07:06:55 UTC 2007

Hi Matthew,

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 18:09 -0700, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> > What are the pros-n-cons of folding/hiding/suppressing/visually 
> > segregating the GUI from the CLI instructions?  I realize it adds a 
> > level of complexity to the docs, but it might be worth it.
> > ...
> That would be nifty. Microsoft uses expandable sections heavily in 
> their help pages. <>
> I don't know how we'd go about getting it implemented in either Yelp or 
> MoinMoin, though.

It wouldn't be too difficult to implement in MoinMoin. All it would
require is a new macro which dumps a bit of JavaScript into the page and
some more JavaScript in the wiki page header. You could define
expandable sections like so:

[[Expandable(Name of this section)]]

Some text...


This should be possible with Yelp too, but I'm not sure if there's an
appropriate DocBook element which we could use to define an expandable



Phil Bull

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