Setting up bzr branches for the project

Matthew East mdke at
Wed Oct 24 11:42:17 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I've begun to task of importing our repository (with all of its
revision history) to bzr. This has taken a few days :) but is now
complete on my local machine, so I will gradually begin to upload
branches to Launchpad.

Uploading branches with so much revision history takes a long time
(several hours): I have uploaded the first one here:

This branch currently contains all the material that is currently in
trunk. The idea is to have a single branch (to which all
ubuntu-core-doc members can commit) for each package that we ship. For


And so on...

Each of these branches would contain everything needed for that
particular project. So common and generic folders would be in all of
the branches (changes to these can be merged across different
branches) and each branch can remove directories irrelevant to it (so
the ubuntu-hardy branch would remove the kubuntu, xubuntu and edubuntu

For now however, the ubuntu-hardy branch contains all the folders.
This will allow us to create the other branches from that one. I will
do this over the next few days, unless anyone wants to volunteer to
take care of the kubuntu, edubuntu, and xubuntu branch creation.

I think the creation of new branches in the ~ubuntu-core-doc namespace
should be discouraged: members should use "bound branches" to commit
directly to the appropriate branch. Non-members can create their own
branches or send patches/bundles as before.

For now I suppose that people can continue to commit to the svn
repository, and we can merge any changes which overlap with the
migration period accordingly.

Let me know if I've got something wrong or if there are any objections.

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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