Re-intro/Request for Mentor

Phil Bull philbull at
Sun Oct 21 16:40:45 UTC 2007

Hi Dave,

On Sun, 2007-10-21 at 08:52 -0500, Dave Thacker wrote:
> My name is Dave Thacker, and I've been lurking on the list for about a year.  
> Now that the release cycle is back at the beginning, I'd like to offer my 
> help and get associated with a mentor.  I'm primarily a Kubuntu Desktop and 
> Ubuntu server user, so I'd like to help with either or both of those 
> releases.   
> I've done a lot of documentation for the Tikiwiki CMS project, and of course 
> I've written a lot in my daytime gig, which is System and Database 
> Administration.   I've used CVS for source code control, but haven't used 
> Subversion yet.  

Welcome to the mentoring programme! What would you like to work on?



Phil Bull

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