status of xubuntu docs - keep committing despite string freeze?

Luzius Thöny lucius.antonius at
Mon Oct 1 20:29:23 UTC 2007

Matthew East wrote:
> Hi,
> On 19/09/2007, Luzius Thöny <lucius.antonius at> wrote:
>> I just checked in Rosetta, and "gutsy" translation templates have not
>> been uploaded for Xubuntu yet. What is there is still the feisty stuff.
>> So I think we're fine to go on a bit longer, and I just wrote to
>> ubuntu-translators to let them know they should not further translate
>> what is currently in Rosetta.
> I think it's fine for those working on xubuntu to decide about this. I
> don't know what the current status is since your email, but if the
> documentation isn't in a state to be translated, then that will simply
> have to be a goal for the next release and the team can be free to
> decide to focus on getting the English right first.

Current status: The docs are 'shippable' and I think we'll get the 
package uploaded in the next few days. Hopefully, this will still leave 
enough time for translators. I wanted to upload the templates manually 
to Rosetta, to speed things up, but since that turned out to be 
difficult, I dropped the idea.

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