vi or nano in tutorial?

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Fri Nov 30 19:52:35 UTC 2007


I agree with Eddie, if there isn't a guide on editing text on a Linux
computer we should cook one up.

Is there anyway way we can just an 'intro to text editing' and
'advanced test editing' or is that further complicating things?

On Nov 30, 2007 2:38 PM, George Lesica <glesica at> wrote:

> well the basic point of a tutorial (which is what this is) is to have
> a self-contained set of instructions for how to accomplish some
> specific task. given this, i think it's better to sacrifice a little
> bit of generality for simplicity and cohesion. telling someone to do
> "sudo nano file.cfg" or whatever then telling them how to edit that
> file, then to do ctrl-o and ctrl-x (or giving them instructions for
> using some other editor, doesn't have to be nano) is better imo than
> telling them to "open a text editor and edit file.cfg"

I think it makes more sense to keep a document focused on what you are
trying to communicate.  There probably are times when giving the exact
instructions on editing a text file make sense, but in a document of the
style of the JeOS tutorial I think it makes more sense to point to another
document with detailed instructions on editing text.

Just my thoughts.

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