helpful text needs rewording

brent saner brent.saner at
Thu Nov 29 19:05:27 UTC 2007

Just to clarify; useradd is the Unix tool and should be standard on all
*nixen systems.

adduser is commonly (most notably in Debian-based and Debian forks) a
different tool which is, IMHO, superior to useradd (more powerful).
Other distros have this as well, some simply symlink it to useradd, some
have adduser-ng installed and adduser points /there/, etc. so behaviour
can vary across the board.

However, it may be possible that the system you're testing this on does
not have the adduser utility installed (which is separate from the Unix
built in utility useradd). Are you able to run sudo useradd? If so, try
a sudo aptitude install adduser.
If not, you've got more serious problems.

Andrew Mathenge wrote:
> I don't know why you're getting the "-su: adduser..." error. On my 
> system, the shell (bash 3.2.25) displays the message as:
>        -bash: adduser: command not found

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