School Advocacy pamphlet for 7.10

Michael Price m_price04 at
Wed Nov 21 19:15:21 UTC 2007

Here is the link to the Edubuntu Advocacy phamplet
and here is
a link to some YouTube  video's somebody created for
setting up Edubuntu
in the library which you can probably adapt to your

Finally here is the link to the Edubuntu-users mailing
so if you have
any questions I am sure they will be able to better
help you.

On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 20:58 -0600, d165302 wrote:
> Folks,
> My name is Eddie Guernsey.  God has taken me to help
the Gonzalez 
> Education Recreation Community Center
( in 
> Corpus Christi Texas.  They have no tec support
knowledge and my little 
> knowledge of Edubuntu is that it is free.  Would you
please send to me 
> the School Advocacy pamphlet for 7.10 file so that I
can share it with 
> the people at the Ed-rec center.  The price of free
is what we can handle. 
> 1- I presently have 6 p1-p2 cpu that seem to fit the
bill of 
> thin-client.  Is that so? 
> 2- I have never setup levels of security, how many
levels do I need?
> 3- Please send any other info to help setup an
education computer lab.
> Thanks-you.
> May God Bless you,
> Eddie G.

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