xubuntu docs restructuring possibilities

George Lesica glesica at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 05:28:50 UTC 2007

ok, based on an irc convo tonight that was rudely interrupted by the
netsplit gods i think we should talk about restructuring the docs a
bit for xubuntu. i think it would probably be a good idea to map out
some priorities since we have pretty limited resources on this. i
think the xubuntu-devel people might be able to help with this at some
point too in terms of helping us identify how people are using xubuntu
in the "real world".

for example, i think we need to be mindful that new users are likely
to come into contact with xubuntu (edubuntu is based on xubuntu, yes?
i could be wrong)... therefore we should probably make sure that a new
user coming to xubuntu from windows can find her way around.

with that in mind, i think it would be a good idea to look at
restructuring the docs to flow a bit more like a giant tutorial.
rather than having a section on "adding and removing software" we
should maybe make the centerpiece of the docs an intro tutorial and
have specific topics as appendices (or at least some make them
separate. not that i think specific topics should be hidden, but i
think if new users are the target we need to provide information
within a logical context (rather than explaining how to add software
as its own section, we provide a way to access that information from
the context of demonstrating how to add openoffice or something like

sorry, that's a bit confusing, but let's hear more thoughts so we can
come up with some ideas.

-george (oldmanstan)

~ George T. Lesica
glesica at gmail.com

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