question on different permissions between w.u.c and h.u.c/community?

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Fri Nov 2 13:02:58 UTC 2007

On Friday 02 November 2007 03:06:27 Matthew East wrote:
> On 02/11/2007, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at> wrote:
> > Is there a different in access between the access rights on the two? 
> > That is is there higher security or a different account required for
> > editing a document on versus
> >
> > In the discussion we had w/ the server team they wondered if there was a
> > difference between the two?
> No, there isn't. Did they explain what had made them think that there would
> be?
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> Matthew East
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The question they had is they are looking for some way of "certifying" the 
documentation esecially as it relates to server sstuff so a guide on isn't telling them "wrong information."  Just a 
concern they have.


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