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> Hi

 Hi Susie,

> I have installed Ubuntu in the last few days - it took some time, but
> now I have it all up and running and I'm delighted.  While reflecting on
> the process of installation, I have a suggestion which I think is worth
> emailing you about.
> After I had downloaded the .ISO file, I burnt it to a CD and was very
> confused about why my pc could not read it when it booted up.  It was
> only when I managed, by chance, to get to this page in the community
> documentation:  that I
> realised that there was another process involved in extracting the .ISO
> file into some other files and folders.  This involves downloading Infra
> Recorder and using this program to burn the CD.

 Lemme clear up the confusion here itself. First of all an .iso image
 is explained here . To burn
 an .iso disk image file you can use any burning program as far as
 it supports burning .iso images. The only care to be taken is that its
 a data .iso image hence you need to burn it at the lowest speed possible.
 Something like 2x -4x is good enough. Now InfraRecoder is given as its
 a free GPL'ed software although I've few issues with it but nothing that
 is in context here. If somebody wants to know then we can start a seperate
 thread of Infra Recorder and then I can cite the issues with that.

> When you look at the official documentation.  Go to...  New to Ubuntu
> 7.04 ---> If you've been using Windows
>  .  The documentation talks
> about preparing to switch and then migrating the data.  But there's no
> actual description on how to create the boot cd in the correct way.

> I'm new to Ubuntu and new to Linux, so I didn't know that an .ISO file
> was an extractable file.  If I had downloaded a .zip file in Windows, it
> would seem obvious to me that I needed to extract it before it was
> usable, but I didn't have the same knowledge about a .ISO file.

  The .iso disk image is an extractable file/archive but which isn't supposed
  to be extracted unless you have some kind of virtual-drive software. The
  common way is to burn it to a CD/DVD as described above.

> I hope that this is useful to you.
> Thanks for a wonderful product - I'm totally excited to use it!!
> SusieSA

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