Installation procedure in Official Ubuntu Documentation

t u towsonu2003 at
Sat May 12 15:10:51 UTC 2007

I reported this in relation to this email:

Maybe the official documentation should interact more with the community
documentation? For instance, at least by turning quality community
documentation that are frequently read into official help files (so that
they are online but not public-editable)...

thanks :)

Sue McConnell wrote:
> Hi
> I have installed Ubuntu in the last few days - it took some time, but
> now I have it all up and running and I'm delighted.  While reflecting on
> the process of installation, I have a suggestion which I think is worth
> emailing you about.
> After I had downloaded the .ISO file, I burnt it to a CD and was very
> confused about why my pc could not read it when it booted up.  It was
> only when I managed, by chance, to get to this page in the community
> documentation:  that I
> realised that there was another process involved in extracting the .ISO
> file into some other files and folders.  This involves downloading Infra
> Recorder and using this program to burn the CD.  
> When you look at the official documentation.  Go to...  New to Ubuntu
> 7.04 ---> If you've been using Windows
>  .  The documentation talks
> about preparing to switch and then migrating the data.  But there's no
> actual description on how to create the boot cd in the correct way.  
> I'm new to Ubuntu and new to Linux, so I didn't know that an .ISO file
> was an extractable file.  If I had downloaded a .zip file in Windows, it
> would seem obvious to me that I needed to extract it before it was
> usable, but I didn't have the same knowledge about a .ISO file.
> I hope that this is useful to you.
> Thanks for a wonderful product - I'm totally excited to use it!!
> SusieSA

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