Please update: Kubuntu Desktop Guide.

Rich Johnson nixternal at
Thu May 10 04:42:54 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 09 May 2007, Timothy Crowell wrote:
| Dear Ubuntu Documentation Project,
| Please create a Kubuntu Desktop Guide for Kubuntu 7.04.
| Thank you.
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Desktop Guides have been replaced by:
1) Topic Based Help (KMenu -> Help -> Kubuntu System Documentation)
2) The Official Ubuntu Book (Chapter 7 outlines Kubuntu)

We will eventually be porting the help documentation over to either or depending on what the bosses say.

Remember that most of the applications in Kubuntu are a part of the KDE 
project and have their own documentation as well. Of course there is room to 
build upon that and we are planning such feat with 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon).

If you would like to create a Desktop Guide, you can use the one from 6.10 
(Edgy Eft) and build upon it if you would like. I believe the license on that 
is CC-by-SA (could possibly still be GFDL then).

Rich Johnson
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