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Mauricio Hernandez Z. mhz at
Thu May 10 02:30:34 UTC 2007

> * Rich Johnson:
> > On Wednesday 09 May 2007, shirish wrote:
> > | Hi all,
> > |         The 1.6 is going to be another ball-game altogether & its gonna be
> > | great for the documentation team . I just looked at last 1/2 hr. of where
> > | moinmoin wiki is heading & it seems cool. Although it would take another 6
> > | months or so depending on no. of developers contributing to moinmoin.

yup, as most of you may still remember, I have always tried to show
that Moin will kick some brains in order for the people editing and
admining to get a real cool experience. Unfortunatelly, those german
genious developers do not get as much help as they deserve or would
hope, and therefore, development is nice but a bit slower than
expected by us, the Moin fans.

Nevertheless, every new release is on its way to get closer to
perfection and if Ubuntu Moin admins have been working hard on
Launchpad integration features, but decide that Moin imporvements are
usefull for us all, then I am sure these Launchpad things will be

Hmm, maybe, Canonical could even sponsor some "bits or bucks" of
encouragement for the Moin gang to help integrate Launchpad into Moin.
I am sure Thomas, Alexander and other core Moin Developers will be
glad to help us.

Best regards,

Mauricio Hernandez Z.

"Hell is repeating someone else's mistakes"

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