Help Pages messing!

Manpreet Dhillon mdwaps at
Thu May 10 00:49:48 UTC 2007

Hello to all Ubuntu Doc Team!
I'm just new to this list and i was wandering in Ubuntu help pages to 
find about some things. But i felt that the help pages are not 
categorized well.
Even the DOC help page is just a little satisfactory. One can't find the 
essential info about Doc membership and its description.
So if any of you can sort it out then please notice the matter or tell 
me where can i get that raw help pages so that i can edit them. If any 
of you can send me that pages as attachment then it would be great. I 
will send the edited pages to any Senior member to check and upload them.
This is just a humble request.

*The Ubuntu FAAAAAN*
Manpreet Singh Dhillon
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