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Rich Johnson nixternal at
Wed May 9 14:20:42 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 09 May 2007, shirish wrote:
| Hi all,
|         The 1.6 is going to be another ball-game altogether & its gonna be
| great for the documentation team . I just looked at last 1/2 hr. of where
| moinmoin wiki is heading & it seems cool. Although it would take another 6
| months or so depending on no. of developers contributing to moinmoin.
| Some links are in order :-
|  I do hope the release happens soon & all of us can have a rocking time
| using MoinMoin for w.u.c as well as h.u.c./t.u.c. ( .
| Looking forward for suggestions, comments etc.

This is great, but is Ubuntu going to upgrade? It seems that our Wikis are 
very touchy subjects with admins. Now this could be touchy because they are 
doing some behind the scenes stuff that could surprise us all one day.

Also, there was talk about a possible switch to MediaWiki as well, but that 
was on one of the the fearless leader's blog posts from last year. We shall 
see I guess. Unless, shirish, you have some insight about what is going on :)

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